Tax Season Ahead

We are now in the initial stages of tax season. A few “early birds” are coming in; although most clients will not get all of the information they need to file for a few more weeks.

If you have prepared your own returns in the past, you may wonder about the value of working with Certified Public Accountants. Here are some advantages of engaging a CPA firm to prepare your return:

1. Meeting with a CPA at tax time is more than just making sure all the numbers on your return are correct and complete. An experienced preparer will look for overlooked deductions or credits. Sometimes the additional deductions identified will be significant and amended returns will be filed to recover overpaid taxes in prior years.
2. The meeting will involve tax planning ideas for future years as well.
3. Also, you will receive advice regarding how the IRS looks at certain transactions and how to take certain deductions in completely legal ways to avoid raising red flags.
4. Certified Public Accountants are held to a strict code of ethics for your protection. For example, we are prohibited from basing our fees being based on a percentage of your refund.
5. During your one-on-one tax meeting you can get advice or ask questions regarding other financial or business issues.

We are always looking for additional satisfied clients. Please call or e-mail us with any questions you have regarding our tax preparation process.


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