Moving This Summer? 10 Helpful Tax Tips

It’s a popular time to move and here are 10 tax tips on expenses you may be able to deduct on your tax return.

  1. Expenses must be close to the time you start work: Generally, the moving expenses that you incurred need to be within one year of the date you first report to work at a new job location.
  2. Distance Test: Your new main job location is at least 50 miles farther from your former home than your previous main job location was from your former home.
  3. Time Test: You must work full time for at least 39 weeks during the year at your new job location. For self-employed individuals you must meet a total of at least 78 weeks during the first 24 months upon arriving in the general area of their new job location.
  4. Travel: You can deduct lodging expense but not meals for yourself and household members while moving from your former home to your new home.
  5. Household goods: You can also deduct the cost of packaging, crating & transporting your household goods & personal property.
  6. Utilities: You can deduct the costs of connecting or disconnecting utilities.
  7. Nondeductible expenses: Not allowed are any part of the purchase price of your new home, car tags, a drivers license renewal, costs of buying or selling a home, expenses of entering into or breaking a lease, or security deposits & storage charges, except those incurred in transit and for foreign moves.
  8. Form: We’ll get you all hooked up on Form 3903 for Moving Expenses
  9. Reimbursed Expenses: If your employer reimburses you for an of the costs of the move, the reimbursement may have to be included as income on your tax return.
  10. Update your address: Make sure you update your address with the IRS & U.S. Postal Service to ensure you receive mail from the IRS. We’ll use form 8822 to notify the

Would love you help you if you may qualify for moving expenses Contact us at or 913.239.9130


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