1099G Forms

The Kansas Department of Revenue today announced that taxpayers receiving a 1099G form will soon receive a corrected document in the mail.

Monday, the department discovered some of the 1099Gs send out for the tax year 2016 listed refund amounts that did not match the amount the tax payer actually received.

The department has confirmed a small number of taxpayers received forms listing incorrect refund amounts, but to ensure accuracy all of the approximately 380,000 forms will be reissued.

Only the forms mailed to taxpayers were incorrect, the information send to the Internal Revenue Service was accurate.

The file send from the department to the Kansas Office of Printing and Mailing contained accurate information.  The error occurred later in the process.

Taxpayers who received a 1099G from the Kansas Department of Revenue should destroy the form; they will receive a new and corrected form in the mail automatically.  The new forms will be marked CORRECTED on the form and envelope and will be mailed by Monday, Jan. 31.

Taxpayers receive a Kansas 1099G if they received a payment or compensation from the state such as unemployment, refunds, credits, or offsets.  Those who received a 1099G from the Kansas Department of Labor for unemployment payments are not affected by the issue.

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